3 tips to increase engagement on social media

Increasing engagement on social media isn't just about posting...

October 7, 2023
3 tips to increase engagement on social media

Navigating the vibrant waves of social media can sometimes feel like mastering the art of surfing at North Shore - challenging yet exhilarating. Want to ensure your brand catches the best digital wave and keeps the audience hooked? Read on!

🌺 1. E Komo Mai (Welcome) with Authenticity:

  • Showcase Real Hawaii: Nothing beats authenticity. Share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your business. Is your team celebrating a birthday with a hula dance or partaking in an office luau? Share the fun!
  • Engage Directly: Someone praises your Maui coffee blend? Mahalo them! A comment about the best hiking spots? Share your favorite! Direct, personal responses create a bond stronger than the island sun.
  • Hot Tip! Consider monthly AMAs (Ask Me Anything) sessions related to your business. A cafe owner could have a 'Best Brew Tips' session, while a local artist could offer insights into island-inspired creativity.

🍍 2. Share the Island Vibes:

  • Visual Paradise: Vibrant beach sunsets, aerial shots of the lush landscape, or the serene beauty of hula dancers. Share images and videos that resonate with both locals and those dreaming of the islands.
  • User-Generated Content: Encourage followers to share their experiences. Running a surf school? Ask students to post their best wave rides with a catchy hashtag, maybe #SurfingWithAloha.
  • Hot Tip! Create weekly themes like "Molokai Monday" or "Aloha Friday" and prompt users to share stories or photos related to the theme. It's interactive and binds the community!

🏄‍♂️ 3. Go Beyond the Posts – Use All Features:

  • Stories & Polls: Use Instagram Stories or Facebook polls for quick interactions. Unsure about the new poke flavor? Poll it out!
  • Reels & TikToks: Embrace the short video trend. A 30-second clip of Waikiki Beach or a quick how-to video on making the perfect lei can spark immense interest.
  • Hot Tip! Organize monthly contests or giveaways. Simple prompts like "Share your best memory at our place" can lead to a flood of engaging stories and increase visibility.

Conclusion: Increasing engagement on social media isn't just about posting; it's about connecting. In the spirit of 'Ohana, make your followers feel like a part of your family. After all, in Hawaii, it's all about community, connection, and the Aloha spirit. Dive into the digital waves and let the islands inspire genuine engagement. 🌊🤙🌈